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Polyflor Commercial Flooring


We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers and fitters of high quality, slip resistant and durable Polyflor vinyl flooring. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we have developed a strong relationship with Polyflor, meaning we are able to bring you the finest vinyl flooring products for very reasonable and competitive prices.

As one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of vinyl flooring, Polyflor offers incredible reliability, durability and style in all its flooring products.

Polyflor Flooring Specialists in Nottingham

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Incredibly slip resistant

Our vinyl flooring options offer incredible slip resistance, removing the risk of potential slips and trips and ensuring the safety of you and your customers.

Made from the finest materials, our Polyflor vinyl flooring options are some of the most popular products amongst our commercial UK clients.

Polyflor Flooring Specialists in Nottingham

Polyflor Flooring Specialists in Nottingham

The complete Polyflor vinyl flooring service

Operating across the whole of the UK, we supply and install a comprehensive range of Polyflor vinyl flooring, including:

  • Homogeneous
  • Luxury vinyl tiles
  • Heterogeneous
  • Acoustic
  • Safety
  • Loose lay
  • Rubber & Sport
  • ESD
  • Semi-flexible tiles
  • Wall cladding

Strong durability means less costly repairs

As one of the finest vinyl flooring options on the market, our Polyflor flooring is built to last. Incredibly tough and able to withstand heavy levels of foot traffic, our vinyl flooring options are designed and fitted with longevity in mind; meaning less costly repair or replacement bills for you in the future.

Based in Nottingham, we work across the whole of the UK, providing commercial clients with the very best in vinyl, laminate, wood flooring and carpets.

We have recently fitted flooring for clients in London, Cambridge, Nottingham, Leicester, Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Oxford, Canterbury, Sheffield, Bradford, Cardiff, Glasgow and Cornwall.


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